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Phaichai Trading Co.,Ltd. in korea.recycle.net -- Recycling Industry Directory
Phaichai Trading Co.,Ltd. in korea.recycle.net

Phaichai Trading Co.,Ltd.
Phaichai Trading Co.,Ltd.
It is a leading used clothing industry player since 1989. its wide coverage of the local distribution and its good operational structure has allowed the company to rise to the top of the industry. With the 15years of the extensive experience, product range mainly can be divided into grade A, B and C Summer Mixed used clothing. As is recognized for offering the quality used clothing in the market, all clothing are inspected to ensure no wear and tear, or even stain prior shipping to customers. Specifically, the clothing types are ranging from man's wear, woman's wear to children's wear at different ages.

Phaichai Trading Co.,Ltd.
Nam Yang Ju Kyeong Ki Do
Korea, South

Contact : Won Kwang Nam
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